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25(b) Products

(Exempt EPA Products)


The EPA has a program that does not subject pesticides to federal registration if the active and inert ingredients are “minimum risk” and are included on both the acceptable list of active ingredients and inert ingredients respectively.

These products are allowed to make claims that they kill and repel their pests without registration, but they are not allowed to make public health claims or that they protect human health. For example, they can claim they kill mosquitoes, but the label cannot say that it prevents malaria by killing mosquitoes.

The Association of American Pesticide Control Officials (AAPCO) 25(b) Workgroup created a label guidance list to help companies comply with state regulations. This list is for guidance purposes and does not guarantee that your product will be accepted in all states.


Review Label for Exempt Product $397

State Registration $197 per state (plus applicable state fee)

Condition #1
The active ingredients must be one of the those listed here.

Condition #2
The inert ingredients must be one of the those listed here.

Condition #3
The label requirements are listed here.

Though the U.S. EPA does not require registration, exempt 25(b) products are required to be registered in 42 states and the District of Columbia. And some of these states also have their own labeling and data requirements for these products.

Therefore, before the final label is designed, please let KRK Consulting LLC review your label so that it will be acceptable for registration in all 42 states and the District of Columbia.

Also, if you are interested in registering in any of the 42 states or the District of Columbia, please contact KRK Consulting LLC and indicate which states you are interested in registering and KRK Consulting LLC will contact you if registration is required in those states and the cost to do so.

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